When Borders dies…

A commentor on the NPR story noted

In many parts of this country, stores like Borders and Barnes&Noble are the closest thing to a “hip”, cosmopolitan space for reading and discussion. I hope rural and suburban America does not get dumber because of this kind of development.

And I have to wonder what the hell has gone wrong in our libraries that people are saying that a store closing will dumb down rural and suburban communities. ¬†Seriously, libraries aren’t as “hip” and “cosmopolitan”?!


2 thoughts on “When Borders dies…

  1. Is your library renovating or remodeling to have a modern look? One like that of Starbucks, Borders, B&N? Just a question… because the one near my house looks like an office building where cubicles should be.

    • That’s a great point. Sadly a lot of libraries forget the way they look or the user experience as they funnel their increasingly small allotment of funds toward materials, staff, and just keeping the lights on. My actual library is very friendly appearing, with a lot of light from skylights and high ceilings. The furniture is comfortable but not cutting edge or fashionable by any stretch of the imagination. I have wanted to offer free coffee to our patrons for years, but have had to fight for it (can you believe the board worried that coffee would get on the books–what do they think people do when they take books home–keep them hermetically sealed?!) and am now seeking funding for it. More important to me right now is getting the funds to renovate the library so that we could have a content creation space/studio and programming funds. But I dream someday of having a library that looks like this: http://www.architectmagazine.com/community-projects/traverwood-branch-library.aspx

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