Using internet resources to rock your YA & kids programming

I just presented at Wisconsin Library Association’s annual conference with two other awesome librarians on using tech to make better, more engaging, and often cheaper programs. Peg Checkai of Watertown  presented Karen Wendt’s work on online book reports. Kristin Lade of West Bend showed us all how to do skyped author visits free or inexpensively.

I, as usual, had a gazillion ideas to share, so created this powerpoint to showcase some of the internet sources I use to create what I (modestly) consider some of the most booty-kicking teen programming in the universe.

While the powerpoint is currently devoid of the commentary that tells you how I use these resources and why, it still may inspire you. I’ll try to create a slidecast shortly with commentary. For example, I look at Etsy with teens to decide which crafts we’d like to make, and I actually get emails from teens who have looked at it at home.  They clue me in on a great idea, then I keep all these ideas on Pinterest. While this isn’t exactly innovative, I like to put teens in the driver’s seat and they like to look at all the cool stuff available on sites like these.

I’d love to hear what tech (not just internet) you use to make fabulous programs at your library.


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