librarian infographic

Another great infographic from Infographics. I have a couple of quibbles (because I always have a couple of quibbles). First of all, I have to say very little of many librarians’ work is spent on books anymore. I certainly order books and manage my book collections, weeding, etc. But I spend far more time on programming, marketing, and meeting the informational needs of my community than I do on books. The book processing is generally done by non-“librarian” staff, if that distinction even matters.

Secondly the question “what would we do without librarians?” needs an answer, not just a description of the line of reference questioners. Seriously, what WOULD we do? In my community, a whole lot of people would have no access to any sort of information, internet, programs, books, movies, etc. And those with economic resources would be poorer as well, not only from having to purchase things they had shared before, but because of the lack of education, job resources, economic support, community building, etc. that librarians provide.

Oh yeah–$56,547?! This nearly broke my heart. Knowing the average wage in WI was $34,000 was hard enough to bear. Knowing that IF I were full time, I would make over $30,000 below average is killing me.


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A Librarian's Worth Around the World  | Infographic |

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