Time Management Conundrum

Now that I have graduated from my MLIS program, and my children are all in one type of school or another, I am merely:

  • Working 25 hours per week at a brand new job
  • Writing, editing, or working on research for four separate research projects
  • Doing consulting work for libraries
  • Planning webinars
  • Starting CPLR (the Center for Public Library Research)
  • learning Spanish (Guatemala in just four weeks!)
  • Applying for two doctoral programs
  • Writing this blog
  • Hustling money to go to ALA, PLA, etc.with grant apps
  • Entering various research projects for various conferences
  • and, for what it’s worth, trying to finish a few knitting projects.

My husband wants to know why I’m always working.

And I realize that I am in no way unusual. We are ALL this busy all the time. I have laughingly stated for years that “sometimes I sleep” but this is becoming less funny now. Which projects shall I drop? How can I use time management tools to eke out a few of hours a day for being with my family, personal grooming, and exercise?! How do other people manage to have social lives and quality family time?

Please give me some time management tips to keep myself sane and still productive. I can use all the help I can get.




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