Una noche en Antigua Guatemala

Last night, after my afternoon meal, I checked out the parks, stores, and el mercado. I needs to buy some flip-flops for the shower at my hostel, and a comb. I love the market. It’s a crazy warren of stalls, some indoors, some outside. Everything is crammed and colorful and a little worn-down,like everything I’ve seen in Guatemala so far. I couldn’t fin a comb, and didn’t know the word for it, so I asked an elderly couple selling shoes if they knew where I could find something por mi pelo (and I mimed–what a dork). Try finding flip-flops sometime. “Sandalias de plástico por la ducha” gets only confused grimaces. But I ultimately triumphed.


As I’ve found several times already, people go out of their way to help. The ancient gentlemen escorted me five or six stalls down and asked the owner por una peine. (Nevertheless, I don’t think my hair has ever looked worse–sleeping on it wet last night didn’t help!)

I had a liquado at a lovely French-owned (creo que si) cafe, listened to French pop music (pretty good, actually) and uploaded my first blog post. Let me tell you–a piña  y melon liquado es muy delisioso after hoofing it all day.

I keep being importuned by the same seller of scarves. One scarf is a particularly beautiful azul, which I think a friend, who leant me her money belt and some other handy gear, would love. But the persistant seller does a bait and switch. ‘One dollar” she says, but when I point to the blue scarf, she’s says “this one is 10 dollars.” Forget it, I think, this seems like a “rip off the tourist” game which I don’t want to play. Besides, I’ve heard Panajachel is great for inexpensive textiles, and I leave for Pana at 12:30 today. I’ve been warned not to take this particular chicken bus, because tourists have had their passports stolen on it. So this time I will take a shuttle. But from here on out I will mostly use chicken buses–shuttles son un poco caro.

I had breakfast on the gorgeous patio at Yellow House this morning. I am so impressed with this hostel. The beds are firm and clean, the shower was hot, the breakfast was delicious, and the 2nd floor patios is amazing. Plus Celi, the manager, is helpful and friendly. I will be staying here again later.



I talked a bit with a man from the south of France, who is traveling from the tip of South America up to Vancouver via motorbike. He comes once a year for two months and travels around. It sounds wonderful, but he says he’s tired. His bike has broken down and he’s decided to fly to Tikal and rent a car so he doesn’t have to wait for buses. Hopefully I will have better transportation luck.

This morning I decided to walk to Cerro de Las Cruces, a stone cross on the mountain. But it started to drizzle and I decided to people watch under an awning by la Parque Central instead. I had some exquisite dark hot chocolate by this courtyard.


Then I wandered around and looked at ruins.


Since I’m planning to come back to Antigua for a night or two later, I will save some sights for later.

I am discovering that my Android DOES “auto-correct” my typing even after I have checked a sentence over thoroughly, when I reread it there are all kinds of crazy spaces and changes. So, anyone who mayor be reading this: I CAN spell! I’ve switched the language in my tablet to español to see if things get better.

So far it is taking perfectly accurate english words and changing them to mangled spanish. Sigh.

I will write again from Panajachel.


One thought on “Una noche en Antigua Guatemala

  1. Thank you for blogging your trip. (Can that be used as a noun in this way??) Great pictures and commentary. Looking forward to each day’s adventure!

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