Teaching English while learning Spanish

Tengo mucho tarea. I’ve been studying with a couple of the students today, at a really nice cafe with great wifi. It’s funny how all my choices about where to grab a coffee are all now based on whether the place has wifi or not.

All I have done today is study, so I have little to report. I have a feeling that may be case for much of my stay here.

However, I also volunteered today, and helped Y (a student from the UK) teach English to four kids, ages 10-14. It was a fun class. Since Yomi has little teaching experience, I led the class. We talked about body parts and what you could do with them. Ed Gein-style uses never came up.

“With my hand, I write, I clap, I give, I take…” We played a game with a pen, snatching it and offering it to each other alternately. We played Simon Says. We played a game with my camera, “with my eyes, I see…” if they could say what they saw they could snap a picture:






The final teaching experience involved my tablet and Angry Birds. “With  my finger, I throw the bird…the bird falls down…I got some pigs!” This was an effective lesson. They wanted to play Angry Birds (am I the only one who doesn’t get the appeal of this game?!) but we made them say what they were doing before allowing them to do it. I wonder what their parents will say when their kids are talking about Angry Birds? “With my finger, I flip the bird…”

Tomorrow I am going to Zunil after class, a small village renowned for exquisite textiles. My weaving class is not until next week, and I need a fix.


a park I pass on my way to school


the market, deceptively quiet-looking at 7:30 am


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