Clothes, dogs,plants

While my life is anything but exciting right now (all I do is study, really) I am still endlessly fascinated with Guatemala. As a gardener, I’m smitten by the plants growing everywhere, such as the Acanthus mollis found growing in all the parks:


I have always wanted to grow these. And the poinsettias that are 15 feet tall are also lovely.


And there are dogs everywhere. They’re actually very laid back and just sort of hang out and watch the people go by. How many dogs can you count in this picture?*


But my favorite thing, besides the nice people, is the clothing. Obviously as someone obsessed with textiles, this is going to be my thing. But it’s pretty rude to just snap pictures of people without their permission, so I only have a couple of ok shots. Perhaps I will become more bold as the days pass.



Today I simply studied, at a nice cafe (yay Baviera!) with the other students, all of whom far supass my skills. I may go to the Pool & Beer (it’s actually called that) later with some of them, but probably not.

*Hay ocho perros en este foto. But there were two more that you can’t see here.


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