Lazy Sunday

Yesterday, I didn’t do much for most of the day. I went to the Parque Central for a while. I shopped for a few small gifts, I was pickpocketed, I ate at a cafe…

Yes, I was pickpocketed of 30 quetzales, or about $4. It was my fault. I was buying something and just stuffed my change in the pocket of my bag. Then when I went to pay for someting else, someone just grabbed the change from my bag as I paid the vendador. That vendador totally saw it, but said nothing. I saw his eyes flicker behind me for a moment, and looked in my bag a second later.


los ladrones son cerca de aqui

I WAS smart emough to have bits of money secreted about my person, so they got very little. I normally have death grip on my bag, so I think el ladron was watching for his moment. Anyway, it was no big deal, and is hopefully  the only unpleasant  thing  that happens to me in Guatemala–knock on wood!


los regalos--you will have to guess who gets what

At the Cafe Utz Ha (great sopa de zanahoria) I met another American student and chatted with him for a while, then returned to my house to do laundry and other boring things. In the afternoon I went to my favorite study spot, Cafe Baviera in zona 3. Who should I find there but los otros estudiantes, playing a game called “Jungle Speed.”  I played this most excellent game with them for hours, then we cut out to grab some street food and go to a concert in a park for a little while.

The street food was awesome–muy barato and tasty. I simply had a taco, but the guys ate a torta, which is a sandwich involving chopped up hotdogs, chicken, ham, mayo, mozarella, peppers, onions, and salsa dulce (like ketchup) on a large bun, fried in more mayo. Enormous and gross sounding, but delicious. I tried a bite. Just a bite–that mayo looked deadly. I am totally making these tortas at home, even though they are essentially a heart attack on a bun. We also ate the greasiest, most fabulous churros you can imagine.

At the concert the banda was quite good, but of most interest, at least to the men I was with, were the two dancing girls on stage. The were clad in tiny bikinis and fringed chaps. Their dancing consisted mostly of shaking the fringe, if you know what I mean.

I have no photos of any of this because I stored my tablet at Y’s house. Having just been robbed of a small amount in broad daylight with people watching, no way was I bringing a computer to a crowded nighttime concert, nor mi hija’s camera. You will just have to imagine the dancing girls.


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