Tikal again, with botanical asides.

I barely touched on Tikal’s splendors in my last post. The search for electricity/wifi is more difficult in Peten than it has been elsewhere. And my post had to be quick to grab the fleeting waves.

So I uploaded some photos out of order, just because they show me in lovely Tikal. Back to the narrative, chronologically. After Plaza Q, we went through the jungle on one of our many shortcuts. Our guide, Erdozain (acento on the “i”) has been a guide for nine years, and knew many quick ways through the park.

As a botanical aside:
We saw chicle trees (and chewed some gum) rubber trees (and made rubber) allspice trees (and rubbed the delicious smelling leaves in our fingers) and tasted the various edibles from other trees.



rubber tree




not bad. a little tart.

But my favorite tree in the world is now ceiba. Sorry beech and katsura trees, you just can’t compare.


this is a baby ceiba

We went to Temple IV. This was the highest building in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, and it’s very high indeed, with a view beyond compare. Photos don’t do it justice.


partway up. yay for wooden stairs for tourists--the othr temples offered only tall stone steps


way above the trees on Temple IV

Then, more trekking through the forest. By the way, I saw ONE mosquito here. There are very few bugs evident anywhere in Guatemala. I see more in my basement.


this pyramid shows how a new pyramid was built atop an older one

More temples, pyramids, etc. Lots of epiphytes, especially Tillandsia.



residential ruins. much like Detroit.

I can only post so many photos at once, so I will continue with the Grand Plaza and many animals of Tikal soon.




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