always time for bragging

I actually remember thinking, when looking at the never-updated blogs of a couple of phd student friends, that it couldn’t be THAT hard to update one’s blog every month or two.

I was wrong.

Despite having no time to supply this blog with cogent information about libraries, information policy, even makerspaces (though these issues consume my life every single second) I do somehow find time to brag:

I won a writing award! Thanks so much to YALSA for this honor. It’s funny, I feel like I struggle to capture just what I mean in writing academically, and write too freaking much (I think my profs would agree with at least the “too much” assessment). So I was thrilled to be chosen.

And thanks to Becca Barniskis, who helped me with the editing for the second article. She is magic. She somehow invisibly edits so that my words were never changed or augmented. In fact, I couldn’t tell what she changed, but the piece was shorter!  I have no idea how she does this.

So quickly (because I really do have no time) here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • I will be presenting at WAPL on makerspaces in libraries in May, looking at the makerfair I’m developing at my library
  • I am in the midst of 5 different research projects on library mission statements, makerspaces, and social impacts of public libraries. 
  • I will be presenting at CAIS on the participatory research technique that includes teens in the research team, which I first developed in the article that won this award, and which will be expounded upon in an article in Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, coming soon.
  • I also have an article coming up in Teaching Artist Journal on teaching artist in public libraries.
  • I’m just starting to develop a survey to ask teen librarians to respond to the grounded theory on teens/art/public libraries/civic engagement, and will then try to do a large-scale survey of teens. That’s the next project when the other 5 are done.
  • And I’m doing strategic planning, community-building and, you know, my job at LQCL.

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