Makerspace? Or just a library?

In my presentations and work I have consisted library maker spaces a natural extension of existing library services. A lot of “traditionalists” in the library world seem disturbed by the idea of makersoaces until I fill in the gap–library makerspacesneed not be super-techie as we think of this word. Books are a technology, after all.  When I say that the knitting group or photography club they’ve hosted for years is makerspacey, many librarians are surprised, but start to grok the concept more comfortably.

A great post on the various flavors of makerspaces is at Make’s blog. My answer to all this has always been to call all these different spaces libraries, but for those who like tidy terminology, check out the difference between makerspaces, hackerspaces, fablabs, etc. I think a fixer space for bikes etc. is an AWESOME idea for libraries, btw.

I talked about this recently to a charming interviewer when I was enjoying a Library of Congress event focusing on ideas for the state affiliates of the Center for the Book. (As an aside, I am now pleased as can be to be on the board of the Wisconsin Center for the Book!)


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