Library Creativity Study

I’m seeking people who have used libraries to do something creative–as part of a program, in a makerspace or other creative space, or whatever. If you are interested, here are the details:

Have you ever:

  • Used a library makerspace or media lab equipment (like a 3D printer or video equipment)?
  • Participated in creative programs at any library (such as cooking or crafting)?
  • And are you 12 or older?
  • And willing to spend 1 or more hours furthering research?

This study involves participants audiorecording or writing a short history of their creative lives and how they have/have not intersected with libraries. All information is anonymized and participant identity kept entirely confidential.

This study looks at makerspaces and media labs in public libraries and how they might impact users.
Study by Principal Investigator Joyce Latham, PhD & Shannon Crawford Barniskis, doctoral student, UW Milwaukee School of Information Studies.
IRB# 13.332

Research PARTICIPANTs wanted creative spaces_revised

Contact me, Shannon, at crawfo55 at uwm dot edu if you’d like to be involved. I appreciate you even considering it!


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