ALISE 2016 Conference Poster

I extracted a short piece from my dissertation on power and public library creative spaces to look at the “library faith.” This faith grounds library funding and missions, and is really a set of social goals and values that shift over time. For example, the library faith was initially a faith in books and reading, as instrumental toward a better democracy and well-behaved and acculturated public. Makerspaces evidence a change in this faith–it’s grounded in technology, with largely economic aims. Quite a difference from the civic engagement and democracy aims of earlier faiths!

Here’s a draft of the poster.

Imaginaire poster_crawford barniskis.jpg

Imaginaire poster_crawford barniskis pdf

An Imaginaire text only–with some more information on how this aligns with my dissertation research.

For more on this topic, my dissertation is forthcoming within the year, and I have a couple of papers currently in review. I’ll update here when they are published.



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