Research Studies

Keep abreast of the research studies you have participated in or about which you would like to know the results. This page will be updated during the analysis and reporting stages for each research project with key findings.

Library Fines

Library Fines Barriers to Access_ALA2014

This project is currently being written up as a join article with Steven Gillis and Dr. Del Nagy.


Use of Pew Center Library Data in Wisconsin

ALA 2014 pew presentationWLA 2014 presentation, our Pew data infographicPoster presented at ALISE 2014, about the librarian-researcher partnerships:

ALISE poster


STEAM: Science and art meet in rural library makerspaces
poster at iConference, 2014

iConference final draft Crawford Barniskis

References from this poster:

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Teens in the Research Team
Poster for CAIS 2013

This research continued the work done in an article I wrote, incorporating data from limited life histories.

CAIS poster small


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