at the same time

I’m a knitter.  And every time I run into the dreaded phrase “at the same time” in a pattern, I’m thinking, “Oh no, you mean the 15″ of 32 stitches/per inch gauge size XXXXXXL sweater I just knit..I was supposed to be doing some funky decorative thing ‘at the same time’…Yeah, I guess I’ll be ripping that out.”

And it dawned on me that this is my whole life. “At the same time…” I’m supposed to be creating things, working, parenting, doing schoolwork and research, etc. and there’s this “at the same time…” hanging over my head every second, because I’m always either:
a. forging ahead without reading the directions, and/or
b. doing too many things at once, and/or
c. stupid.

I used to hate this. I used to worry that everyone else in the universe had their proverbial ducks in a row. Except me. But now I think that putting ducks in a row just makes it easier for other people to pick them off one by one with semi-automatic hunting rifles, so I just think “so what?”  My ducks can go wherever they like and I’ll round them up as needed.  Somehow this works for me. Perhaps it drives those I live with a bit crazy.

I actually can’t imagine living life without juggling “at the same times.” Perhaps some people pick one passion and focus exclusively on it, but I prefer my constant revelations, constantly evolving interests. Welcome to my blog, which will probably focus on my library and professional interests. But since I am interested in so many different things, they’ll probably sneak in as well. I’ll try not to be too much of a dilettante.